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Chinese Chicken

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09/09/2013 12:21 AM

Greetings from Tink World!

Well, it seems as if September will prove to be driest and warmest month of the summer. So far, we’ve had no rain, other than a sprinkle, this month. It’s about time to break out the rain dance!

Thank you for being so understanding the last few weeks as we’ve been out of many cuts. Tink is heading to Tennessee this week to process. So, we will finally have full inventory again! That means that at the Decatur Farmers Market on Saturday, September 14th we will have steaks, roasts and more! And don’t forget that we have Tink’s Tallow soap available too.

We are also now selling Darby Farms pastured chicken. We have whole birds, breasts, leg quarters and more! So, be sure to come see us this weekend for your beef, pork and chicken!

Speaking of chicken, I recently ran across this article about processed chicken nuggets. I know many of you don’t eat processed foods or try to stay away from them. However, I wanted to share this because it’s very concerning. It makes me wonder what the future holds for our food system.  

The unbelievable thing is that someone thought it would be cost effective to kill chicken here, send it on a ship to China to be processed and have it shipped back to the U.S. for our consumption. It may be cheaper in the long run, but the fact that China doesn’t have the food safety regulations that we have in the U.S. concerns me. Plus, we have no way of knowing if the chicken nuggets that we consume were processed in China, or elsewhere for that matter. That’s because since they are processed, the label doesn’t have to include where the nuggets were manufactured.

The article doesn’t say where the nuggets will be sold. I have a feeling that some of the fast food restaurants will buy in to this, especially if it’s a cheaper alternative. Also, they might be soon found in the grocery store. So, spread the word! If we make a big enough stink, maybe things like this won’t happen. But, we’ll never know if we don’t try to make our voices heard.

We’ll that’s all for now. Have a great week! We’ll see you at the market.

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