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Rough Winter

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01/12/2014 09:12 PM

Greetings from Tink World!

Well, we survived the crazy weather! This past week has been one of the most challenging I have ever faced on the farm. I have never in my life experienced 7 degrees with a below zero wind chill. That’s just too cold! All in all, we made it through pretty good, I guess.  I can’t say the same for my little garden.  

The most challenging thing faced was the lack of water due to the cold. One of our wells froze. It froze even with it being insulted. Insulated pipes froze, the lines to the water troughs froze, the water in the troughs froze and water lines to the barn froze. That made getting water to animals impossible.  

We are fortunate to have ponds and a creek on the farm. So, the cows were able to water there for two days until things thawed enough to be fixed. We had to carry water in buckets to the pigs. Now, things are running a little more smoothly and all water lines have been repaired and thawed.

Another challenge, if you will, was keeping everything full. With the extreme cold, we had to keep food readily available to the pigs, chickens, cows, cats, dogs and the farmers. So, food for all, even the humans, was doubled so our bodies could generate enough heat to stay warm in those conditions.

I am very thankful that it wasn’t as bad as expected. I was a little disappointed that all my prep work, draining lines, making sure that lights were on in the pump houses etc.,  wasn’t enough. I guess it’s all still a learning process. Really most days are a chance to learn something new. I will say that if another Polar Vortex comes through Georgia, I’m headed south to somewhere sunny and 75.

With the recent cold and rain, please be patient with all of your farmers. This has been an extremely hard winter on us all. The poor vegetable farmers have been hit really hard. So, have a little patience and understanding when you are dealing with us. It has been rough.

As for markets, Team Tink will be headed to deliver to Nature’s Garden Express on Monday. Then, we have Augusta and Athens Locally grown deliveries on Tuesday and Thursday. Then, on Wednesday, January 15, Team Tink will be at the Decatur Farmers Market from 3-6 p.m. Don’t forget that the market has moved. We will now be at the First Baptist Church of Decatur. It’s located at 308 Clairmont Ave. Then, on Saturday, January 18, Team Tink will be back at the Decatur Farmers Market. The market hours are 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. 

Have a great week! We’ll see you at the market! 

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