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Bulk Options

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04/27/2015 06:10 AM

Greetings from Tink World!

We get a lot of emails and questions about our bulk options. There are several ways to buy in bulk. We even added some new options at Bulk_pricing.jpgthe beginning of the year. Now, you can purchase packages from 15 lbs. up to a whole cow. 

If you don't have room for a whole cow, there are other options. Value packs contain ground beef and assorted roasts. If you want steaks, take a look at the family packs. They have premium steaks, economy steaks, ground beef and assorted roasts. Premium steaks are filets, ribeyes and NY strips. Economy steaks are sirloin, cube, skirt/butcher, flank, brisket, flat iron, chuck eye and round. 

There's also the option to purchase a 100 lb. package that would be equal to a quarter cow. The larger packages, such as the quarter cow, include bones. If you are looking for the largest amount of beef, look no further than a whole cow. 

A whole cow yields about 400 lbs. including bones and some organs. If you don't want the bones and/or organs, they can be taken out. That will make the yield a little different as the meat from the bones will be used in ground beef. So, you could get a little more ground.

If 400 lbs. is more than you can handle, a half cow may be what you are looking for. A half cow yields about 200 lbs. If you'd like the yield information for a half or whole, just shoot us an email, 

When ordering a whole or half, keep in mind that it may take time to fill your order. We process once each month. So, how long it takes to fill your order depends on when we receive it. Plus, we require a deposit for a quarter, half and whole. 

Smaller packages, such as the 15 and 30 lb. family and value packs can be ordered ahead of time to pick up at market. However, we can often fill those order from the truck. So, if you forget to email us or you decide on a whim to purchase in bulk, no worries. 

As for markets, Team Tink will be at the Evans Towne Farmers Market on Thursday, April 30. The hours are 4:30 to 7:00 p.m. Then, we will once again be at the Decatur Farmers Market on Saturday, May 2. The hours are 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. As always, feel free to order online,, or via email, 

That's all for now. Have a great week! We'll see you at market!