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What's going on in Tink World?

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08/26/2016 07:11 AM

Greetings from Tink World!pasture.jpg

Well, this time of year mowing is finished. The fields are bush-hogged as part of weed control. Also, when grass is tall and goes to seed it can cause a problem for the cows. The seeds can get in their eyes and cause an infection.

We don't mow all the year long, just during the summer with it hopefully finished by the full moon in August. Tink has followed moon phases for years. So, she tries to make sure the mowing is finished by the full moon in August to not only control weeds, but to have the pastures ready to stockpile for winter grazing. 

The picture proves that the fields look amazing right now! Thanks to rain and a fresh cut, the fields are ready to go into fall. Surprisingly, even with the hot, dry summer, the pastures and cows have held their own. Everything is lush and green. The cows, thanks in part to grass based genetics, look equally amazing! Check our Facebook page for cow pictures!

Well, next weekend is a holiday weekend. So, plan ahead! Come see us at the Decatur Farmers Market tomorrow! We'll have a steak special with cube steak, sirloin and either a strip or ribeye. Plus, there are plenty of butts, ribs, patties and other options for the grill. See you there! 

Have a great weekend. We'll see you at the market!

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