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The Grass-Fed Beef Difference

Tink's serious about her business, but she's all heart when it comes to her four legged family. Tink takes the time to know her cows - she studies their personalities and temperaments, she walks the fence lines each day to make sure all is running smoothly with her herd and she even has some pet names for her favorite ones!

Tink's cows are 100% grass-fed; never grain fed. Grass-fed beef is healthier because it is higher in Omega 3 fatty acids, CLA's, Vitamin E, beta carotene and nutrient content, which makes it naturally leaner than grain-fed beef. Her cows are never given any growth hormones or antibiotics and they are also minimally handled throughout their lives so as not to cause any unnecessary stress to the animals.

"Grass-fed is the right thing to do... for the earth, for the animal and most of all for you the consumer."
- Tink Wade

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A City Girl Visits the Farm 

Behind the Fence at Tink's Grass-Fed Beef

"It was an experience, visiting Tink out at the farm. I wasn't quite sure what to expect when she looked over at me and said "Want to get up close to the cows?" Her eyes were twinkling. No sooner than that, we are rolling along in her old farm truck, past the paddock gate... headed straight out to a beautiful section of property she refers to her as her "little slice of heaven." The sun sits low in the sky, casting a beautiful golden tint to the landscape. Butterflies and bugs of all sizes dive in and out of the long grass. Birds sing. It is unexpectedly sublime and delightful. Almost too much beauty for the senses to handle. Somewhere in the middle of a field, Tink cuts the engine. It's completely silent for a moment. I could just barely make out the cows, way off in the distance...tiny specks barely moving. And then it was like magic.

Tink starts talking and it's as if her soft voice has been carried by the breeze straight over to those cows, signaling them that she was there for a visit. Tink's siren song! Literally, out of nowhere, cows surround the farm truck in mere seconds. One minute I'm noticing the dive bombing bugs, the next minute I am covered up with 200 cows trying to lick my fingers! They instantly remind me of neighborhood kids coming home from a sweaty day of play - all vying for the attention of Tink. Every single one of them wants a pat on the head and a rub behind the ears. They are inquisitive - sticking their heads in the open windows and pushing up against the truck as if to see who can get closer. Some bellow for her with deep thunderous "moos" & other show off with frisky antics. It's an overwhelmingly magical site. "Where are the treats," I ask Tink. "They don't eat treats," said Tink. I smile ear to ear.  At that moment, I knew I would be a lifelong fan of Tink and her happy grass-fed cows."

- Tink's Grass Fed Beef advocate


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