Meet Tink:

Etwenda "Tink" Wade is a fourth generation cattle woman with hundreds of years of knowledge and experience packed into her tiny 5'2" frame.

It all started with Tink's great grandfather back in the 1800's on his farm in central Florida. He believed in raising cattle the natural way - which happened to be the only way back then - before growth hormones, antibiotics and mass production. His way of farming was simple, natural and environmentally friendly. Good for people, good for the was a straightforward philosophy. That same honest care and commitment to the land, and to the cattle that grazed that land, runs strong in Tink.

While she has always been involved in farm management and agricultural crops, it was not until she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in the late 1990's that Tink began her own grass-fed operation. Tired of being overly medicated, Tink researched alternative ways to manage her illness and found an ideal solution in grass-fed beef. Grass-fed was not a new concept to her, as her family had been doing it for hundreds of years, but it was a new mindset for Tink. The idea that she could manage her own illness through an all natural diet and farm fresh exercise, motivated her to explore all the nutritive benefits that a grass-fed beef diet could provide. Thanks to her grass-fed cows, Tink is now medication free and in control of her own health.

On her 230 acre farm, aptly named Lucky7W, in rural Wilkes County, Georgia, Tink has created a happy cow paradise. Lucky7W offers everything a Black Angus cow loves - sweet green grass, fresh air and plenty of room to roam. They wouldn't recognize a barn or a concrete pad if they saw it! Tink's cows spend all their time outside foraging in acres upon acres of rotating paddocks that offer plentiful shade trees, rolling hills and watering holes.

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